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Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes - Mint Green

Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes - Mint Green

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Greens of a lighter hue stand for peace, health, and luck. If you have some friends or loved ones that are freshly graduated, have birthdays, are opening their firm, or anything that you can offer your good luck to them, this premium mint green gift box is the most excellent fit for the situation.

Look no further than to take gift-giving to the next level. Gift box packaging is the way to go. Add that "luxe" element you desire for your bridal party or group of friends. 

Others are using it for:

  • Gift Giving
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Settlement Boxes for Real Estate Companies
  • Easter hampers
  • PR Agencies
  • Promotional Companies
  • Food 
  • Wine Luxury hampers
  • Bridesmaid Proposal


Sizes available: (L)x(W)x(H)

SMALL: 20cm X 15cm X 6.5cm
MEDIUM: 22cm x 18cm x 10.5cm
LARGE: 37cm x 27cm x 10.5cm
EXTRA LARGE: 41.5cm x 35cm x 7.5cm

(internal measurements)


  • Available in White, Black, Peach, Mint Green, or Hot Pink.
  • 1-piece, easy to assemble gift box with magnetic closure at front 
  • Delivered flat-packed
  • These gift boxes have so many uses: easy to repurpose as storage boxes or reuse as packing boxes
  • Stylish and durable gift box
  • Low minimum orders
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